Friday Film Break: Kennesaw State University Alumni Dance With Robots

Choreographer Ivan Pulinkala's latest work, "FOREST," features some unexpected performers: improvising robots. As a collaboration between Georgia Tech and Kennesaw State University (where Pulinkala is the founding chair and professor of dance), the work pairs robot musician/dancers with human partners (who happen to be KSU alums). This video shows how the work came together and shares why the collaborators hope it not only inspires new avenues for creativity, but establishes better trust of robotic platforms.

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Michael Higgins

Take 5 with Red Bull–Sponsored Dancer and Choreographer Inyoung “Dassy” Lee

Nothing about Inyoung "Dassy" Lee's career has been conventional. Growing up in South Korea, she began dancing by copying the movements she saw Korean singers doing on TV, and only started formal training in her teens. Yet by 2017, Lee's distinctive popping style was leading to work in competitions and music videos. She then became the first South Korean dancer featured on "So You Think You Can Dance," earning a spot in the Top 8 on Season 14—it was a full-circle moment to perform on the very show that had inspired her to move to the U.S.

July 2021